Electric Scooter vs Hoverboard – Which one is better?

Do you want to know? Electric Scooter vs Hoverboard, which one is better for you?

The use of Electric scooters and Hoverboard is increasing day by day. Because of being lightweight, there is a problem to choose which is better.

In this post, I’m going to discuss all the differences and similarities between them. After reading, you will be able to know which is better for you? Hoverboard or Electric Scooter.

There are no major differences between Electric Scooter and Hoverboard, that’s true. Below, you can read all the stuff that you should know before buying anyone from these.


A hoverboard is a two-wheeled device also known as a “balancing scooter”.

The hoverboard is less common than the Electric Scooter. Riding on a Hoverboard is feeling like hovering on the ground.

Electric Scooter

On the other hand, Electric Scooter is also a two-wheeled device. And it’s especially used for outgoing purposes.

Electric Scooters work smoothly and are easier to balance. Everyone can learn it easily.

1. Differences

1.1 Sensors

In the Hoverboard, there is an inbuilt sensor that works according to your body balance. If you want to change your direction then slightly change the balance of your body. When you move your body your Hoverboard also changes direction in that way.

An Electric Scooter has no sensor like a Hoverboard. You will use your physical body and handlebar to change your direction easily. Handlebar used to steer the direction of an electric scooter.

1.2 Handlebars

Electric Scooter designed a handlebar to change your direction. A slight change in the handlebar can give you a cool turn. Handlebar design like a handle of a motorbike which can help you to change your direction easily.

The hoverboard has no handlebar. It detects your foot’s movement by using a sensor to change your direction. Inbuilt sensors change your direction according to the human body’s gravity direction.

1.3 How to control these devices?

To control the Hoverboard you only use your feet and legs. When you change your body direction the hoverboard sensor detects your body’s gravity changes and helps you to take a cool turn.

On the other hand, to control the Electric Scooter you will use a handlebar to change direction. There is no need to change your body directly to take a turn.

1.4 Easy to Place

The Hoverboard comes in different designs that are placed or stored everywhere easily. And hoverboards are also packed in bags and placed easily anywhere you want. If you are going to your office on a hoverboard you can easily adjust it under the working desk.

Electric Scooters are bigger and have a longer handlebar. Electric scooters need a larger space to store as compared to Hoverboard. And electric scooters are not easily packed and placed anywhere.

1.5 Speed

Electric Scooters have a higher speed. They can approach speed 20KPH. Many companies claim that their devices hit up to 40KPH speed.

The hoverboard has a lower speed than Electric Scooter. It can approach only up to 10 to 15 KPH.

1.6 Performance

Normally the performance of Hoverboard is lower than Electric Scooter. Because it works only in smooth places and not for long-distance.

Electric scooters can move in rough spaces and use specifically outdoor. And “balancing Scooter” is restricted to use indoor.

1.7 Cost

Overall electric scooters are much more expensive than a hoverboard. Because an electric scooter has some additional things like a handlebar which do not exist in a hoverboard.

On the other hand, a hoverboard is cheaper than an electric scooter. Because there are no additional things in a hoverboard like an electric scooter (handlebar).

1.8 Safety

The safety of the electric scooter is much more than a hoverboard. Because when you are going roughly there are many chances to fall while crossing the bumps on a hoverboard. But on an electric scooter, there are rare chances to fall while crossing the rough place.

1.9 Distance Covered

The Electric Scooter covered less distance than the Hoverboard. So, that’s why Hoverboard is much beneficial for long-distance. Electric Scooter isn’t as convenient for long-distance as Hoverboard.

1.10 Get over Bumps

When you are riding on an electric scooter small obstacles coming across the electric scooter show it’s an advantage. Electric Scooter is much more stable than hoverboard crossing over bumps even with small wheels(5 inches). If you increase a little bit speed you can easily cross small bumps.

Hoverboard control with the help of feet and human body gravity. It’s just to slow down when crossing the bumps otherwise there is a chance to fall from a Hoverboard.

1.11 Portability

Electric Scooter is more portable than Hoverboard. Because when the battery dies while riding on an electric scooter you can still glide like a simple scooter.

But if the same situation comes with a hoverboard you have nothing to do except carrying in hand.

2. Similarities

There are several similarities between these devices.

2.1 Similar Functionality

Both devices have the same mechanism: they get battery power to approach your destination.
No manual power was used in it. Both devices are electric charge devices

2.2 Engine

The engine used in both devices has no difference. And if there is any difference then it must be very slightly like engine power.

2.3 Space

There is only one person who can ride at a time on both devices. Because there are weight limits of the device.

2.4 Similar Name

Here we are talking about Scooters. One is “Self Balancing Scooter” and the second is “Electric Scooter”.These both have almost the same name according to their features.

3. Conclusions

After reading all differences and similarities we can easily decide about one of the devices. This is very useful for newbies if they want to choose one of them and confuse about where they invest money.

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