28 Electric Scooter Accessories [Essentionals + Recommended + Optional]

Electric scooters have become a popular mode of transportation. Besides being environmentally friendly, and fun, they’re also portable.

The first time you ride your e-scooter, you might be excited about it. Make sure there are accessories in your ride that can make it safer and more enjoyable.

List of Electric Scooter Accessories

Electric scooter accessories are undeniably useful. The manufacturers have become standard in many models with items that started out as accessories.

When you buy your scooter, there is a possibility that you will get some accessories. Here is a list of the best electric scooter accessories.

1. Helmets – One of the Most Important Electric Scooter Accessories


Electric Scooter Helmet - Electric Scooter Accessories

Electric scooter riders will tell you that a helmet is a necessity – especially if they have been riding them for more than a week!

This isn’t really an accessory, in a sense. Neither common sense nor the law requires this. It’s more like needed equipment.

In order to make your electric scooter even more enjoyable, you should buy a helmet as an addition. We cannot overestimate its significance – it literally affects lives and deaths.

The warning has been given, even so, not everything has to be dreary and gloomy. The task of picking out a scooter helmet is actually super fun, and there are plenty of cool models.

If you ride a scooter, make sure that you always wear a helmet as it is an essential safety device.

2. Rear & Front Lights


Electric Scooter Lights - Electric Scooter Accessories

Low-mounted lights come standard on all electric scooters, they are not visible at night and do not project far.

Attached to any helmet, backpack, or high-mounting position, this red light offers you a convenient way to see the night. In areas with high traffic, you will be more visible and therefore safer if you wear a red light.

It should be standard equipment for every scooter to have headlights. People have complained about purchasing off-brand scooters in China and discovering later that they lack headlights. In any case, your scooter is required to come with a headlight.

It is possible for certain models to be devoid of either a headlight or taillight. Depending on whether any of those is true, you’ll need to purchase additional lights to keep your scooter street-legal.

You can face any of these issues:

  • The headlights do not work
  • And the headlight isn’t bright enough

The headlight on your scooter may be under warranty if it stops working. Check the warranty period if the headlight stops working. When that’s the case, a new one may be given to you free of charge.

You may need a stronger headlight if your headlight was out of warranty or is simply too weak to perform adequately.

Depending on the scooter’s manufacturer, the rear lights may be lacking. Even with reputable brands and popular scooters, this will almost never be the case.

3. Safety Armor/Jacket


Electric Scooter Jacket - Electric Scooter Accessories

Electric scooters are typically equipped with this type of safety gear.

Unless you ride more than 12 mph / 20 km h frequently, you may not need this safety gear. It is very important that you wear a safety vest when riding fast. Despite being less critical than the helmet, it can still keep your arms and torso from severe injuries.

No doubt, this safety gear is designed specially to prevent some serious injuries and in my view, this gear is the coolest. I mean, we’re talking about motorcycle equipment, which means cool, cool, cool…

An inexpensive safety vest provides high visibility at a relatively low price. Wear them over top of your clothes, they are brightly colored and have reflective patches.

4. Fluorescent Turn Signal Vest 


Electric Scooter Turn Signal Vest - Electric Scooter Accessories

There is a good chance that your local law will require fluorescent vests for night riding.

In any case, they’re great to own even if they’re not. Your road position is communicated to other participants, and can sometimes be a critical factor in road safety. Moreover, you will stay on top of your safety while riding, not just obey the law.

5. Knee and Elbow Pads

IMPORTANCE: Highly Recommended

Electric Scooter Knee and Elbow Pads - Electric Scooter Accessories

Additionally, these components of the safety gear set are important. Even though they are not required, these gears are important for riders who ride fast.

If you are a beginner, these gears are very important for you because you can fall from a scooter again and again while riding. Pads can prevent serious fractures to your knees and elbows when you fall.

No doubt, you can get an extra layer of security after using these gears.

6. Lock

IMPORTANCE: Highly Recommended

Electric Scooter Locks - Electric Scooter Accessories

Those who have had their scooter or bike stolen, or whose experience has been the same (like my own). If you know how important it is to have a strong, secure lock, you can understand its importance.

I’m sorry to tell you that. It is possible to bypass any lock. Criminals are inventive and know how to break, cut, freeze and hack – of course, they can even use black magic and sweet talk.

Most thieves are not able to disable a higher-quality lock because only a small percentage of them are skilled enough to do so.

A lock would be a good investment in electric scooter accessories. A cheap lock for a budget scooter is usually a better choice than a higher-quality lock. For scooters that cost over $1000, there is a premium model.

Please make sure the locks on your scooter are the right size and that they fit your scooter.

7. Phone Holder

IMPORTANCE: Highly Recommended

Electric Scooter Phone Holder - Electric Scooter Accessories

Life wouldn’t be the same without cell phones. During riding an electric scooter, your cell phone may become a distraction for you.

Riders can greatly benefit from phone holders. You can safely maneuver a scooter without letting go of the handlebars to follow directions or check your phone for notifications.

They are attached to the handlebars of scooters and firmly hold the phone in place. With this feature, your phone stays protected from any wipe-outs, as well.

8. Trunk or Storage Bag

IMPORTANCE: Highly Recommended

Electric Scooter Trunk - Electric Scooter Accessories

If your scooter has a trunk, you can switch it from a fun pastime ride to a useful partner for everyday tasks. Having this accessory on your scooter is sure to be a great asset.

There are some instances when a trunk is preferable to a basket. A trunk has more benefits than a basket. You can even close it to hide things stored there. The Ninebot ES scooters, along with the Xiaomi M365 and Pro version, can easily attach a basket or trunk.

Trunks are usually placed on the front side of stems. Although they can be costly, more expensive trucks tend to be a good deal more affordable.

9. Basket

IMPORTANCE: Highly Recommended

Electric Scooter Basket - Electric Scooter Accessories

From the electric scooter accessories, it’s another extremely useful item. Baskets are an attractive addition to some scooters.

A basket may not fit easily on some scooters, and some scooters do not come with a basket. Some scooters support with baskets above the rear wheel, and others support with baskets on the handlebars. Bike Seats on scooters are also a good place for baskets.

If you still wish to install a basket, make sure it fits the scooter’s design and does not interfere with its ergonomics.

10. Alarm

IMPORTANCE: Recommended

Electric Scooter Alarm - Electric Scooter Accessories

An anti-theft alarm system is probably already installed on your electric scooter. In either case, you will definitely save a lot of heartache by making this purchase.

Your scooter’s controller is the bottleneck here. A device of this type must support remote starting in order to work with it.

The feature is cheap to add, would save owners a lot of hassle, and can be added during production.

You may have a remote-start-capable controller but no anti-theft alarm on your scooter. Alternatively, you can ask your scooter manufacturer or retailer if an additional anti-theft alarm system can be added to the scooter as an accessory.

11. Gloves

IMPORTANCE: Recommended

Electric Scooter Gloves - Electric Scooter Accessories

I don’t say you must need gloves, but these are recommended and can have a vital role in the list of electric scooter accessories.

If you crash or fall, you can save your fingers and hands with gloves. Have you worn gloves on the drive? You will absolutely save your hands and fingers to prevent fractures, cuts, or scratches.

They will give your hands a good level of warmth during the cold months and will not cause blisters or sweaty hands on long rides.

When you are using a scooter with a small range or a slower speed, choose bicycle gloves. If you are using one with a higher power, choose motorcycle gloves.

12. Eye Protection or Glasses

IMPORTANCE: Recommended

Electric Scooter Glassess- Electric Scooter Accessories

Glasses are optional? Yes, because if you have bought a helmet, you have a visor or sun shield.

However, if you don’t have this gear in your helmet, it may not be included.

When the sun and wind are strong, you’ll need to wear eye protection. In addition, you have to protect your eyes from dust, bugs, debris, and anything else that might obscure your vision.

In addition to protecting your eyes physically, sunglasses also help you see more clearly in bright sunlight. Similarly, photochromic or clear glasses that make riding at night more comfortable are useful.

13. Tire Slime

IMPORTANCE: Recommended

Electric Scooter Tire Slime - Electric Scooter Accessories

The best way to prevent and repair flat tires is to use tire slime, also called tire sealant. Tires and inner tubes can often be saved by applying slime. Using it is simple and quick. You can use it when necessary, or add it to new scooter tires as a preventative measure.

Whenever we’re riding in adverse weather conditions or wet conditions, we like pneumatic (air-filled) tires – they cushion the ride and give us the best traction. Although pneumatic tires have the advantage of not requiring tubeless rims (which is the most popular option), they are susceptible to getting flats when you use ones with inner tubes.

14. Speedometer

IMPORTANCE: Recommended

Electric Scooter Speedometer - Electric Scooter Accessories

There’s a good chance that your scooter comes with a speedometer. A speedometer may be an advanced choice for electric scooter accessories. It is rare that a scooter does not have this option.

A good feature to have, but not essential. Ask your retailer for a recommendation if your scooter does not come with a speedometer.

15. Bell

IMPORTANCE: Recommended

Electric Scooter Bell - Electric Scooter Accessories

If you are approaching the other riders, it is important to make them aware by using the bell.

It doesn’t make sense to buy an e-scooter bell when you can buy a bike bell. Different types of bells exist, including electric bells, horns, and modern bells. A bell’s tone is what matters most.

You choose the tone that is right for you; each one sounds different. Whichever you choose, make sure it is loud and clear, so people can hear it. There is no rule that says louder is better. Some people are startled by loud bells.

A handlebar diameter might also be a factor to consider. There are bells that fit all. However, some bells are made specifically for certain bikes.

The bell won’t mount correctly if you buy one that does not match your scooter. Whenever you have a choice of sizes for the bell, measure the diameter of the handlebar before buying.

16. Seat

IMPORTANCE: Depends on You

Electric Scooter Seat - Electric Scooter Accessories

Seats can be purchased as upgrades for some models of electric scooters. Especially on long rides, this provides added comfort. Before purchasing an electric scooter with a seat, please check with your local government if the law prohibits them.

EMOVE Cruiser, an optionally seated model with a long-range, is one of the most popular models. Because of this, long rides are more enjoyable when one can sit down.

17. Wear a Fluorescent Vest When Turning

IMPORTANCE: Depends on You

Wear a Fluorescent Vest When Turning

Even though reflective vests aren’t the coolest electric scooter accessories available, it’s another great way to keep yourself safe while riding your e-scooter. You can wear it over anything you want. Those driving on the road and any other pedestrian will now be more aware of you. A safety vest could save your life when you’re riding in a crowded area.

The reflective cycling jackets are more fashionable, but they cost more. As well as color and flashing options, the vest may also have different pricing based on its features. LED armbands are an affordable and effective way to increase visibility. A wide variety of LED bands is available.

18. Turn Signals

IMPORTANCE: Depends on You

Electric Scooter Turn Signals - Electric Scooter Accessories

Turn signals aren’t an option on most scooters. Your decision is the right one if this is important to you. These will not need to be purchased separately.

There is really not much to recommend about this item, so I won’t include it in the recommended list. As an extra, it’s great, but truth be told, it doesn’t enhance the experience all that much.

Your scooter’s turn signals will never be noticed by many people. They are also a good addition if you’re a safety freak.

19. Mirror

IMPORTANCE: Depends on You

Electric Scooter Mirror - Electric Scooter Accessories

Especially if you commute regularly or navigate through big traffic, a mirror (or two) can make your scooter more useful and affordable.

Some scooter models are equipped with one or two mirrors. The majority of them do not. This item doesn’t need to be completed right away.

If you turn your head constantly to check the rear of your scooter, try using it for a while. It’s not bad to buy mirrors for your scooter, your investment will not be wasted. They are very cheap, as you might imagine.

20. Hook

IMPORTANCE: Depends on You

Electric Scooter Hook - Electric Scooter Accessories

There’s nothing better than adding a little hook to the stem to customize it. Those hanging objects such as backpacks, bags, and other bags will find it very convenient to use for hanging their bags.

Most electric scooters come with a hook on their stem. This hook is part of some scooters’ folding mechanism and will allow the scooter to be locked when folding when attached to the rear fender.

As it only costs a few dollars and it’s easy to install, a scooter hook is a great upgrade if your scooter doesn’t come with one.

Before you buy one, you should keep two things in mind:

  • Using the hook will not affect the scooter’s ability to fold or adjust.
  • Avoid overloading the scooter with heavy bags, which could negatively affect its balance and increase its risk of tipping over.

It is extremely useful if you keep these two suggestions in mind.

21. Carry Strap

IMPORTANCE: Depends on You

Electric Scooter Carry Strap - Electric Scooter Accessories

You might find a carry strap useful instead of or in addition to a carry handle. As this item is dirt cheap, but it will make the lives of scooter owners so much easier, this item will be a very worthwhile purchase for people who tend to commute a lot and carry their scooter for more distance than just a few meters.

Though not absolutely necessary, it’s good to have. Your scooter’s carrying style will also affect that. A heavy scooter will not be very useful with this item, but commuter scooter owners will probably find it of great use.

22. Carry Handle

IMPORTANCE: Depends on You

Electric Scooter Carry Handle - Electric Scooter Accessories

The scooter probably has some built-in carrying mechanism to make moving it easier and more convenient. In addition, many scooters that are supposed to be portable will have these features.

Most electric scooters come with portability features, especially power scooters. Even just a few meters away, you have to move these scooters very carefully. Those with no handles or straps tend to be rather lightweight.

There are carry handles that you can get for the scooter that is easy to install and will keep you from causing yourself a lot of headaches (and possibly backaches).

23. Bag Storage Cover

IMPORTANCE: Depends on You

Electric Scooter Bag Storage Cover - Electric Scooter Accessories

A bag is often included with scooters, especially those with branding, and sometimes those bags are waterproof.

Bags such as this are meant for the purpose of storing and transporting scooters. Want to buy a bag storage cover for your scooter? There are several varieties available in the market.

The waterproof cover may be enough instead of the bag if you do not need the bag. The usage of these is also limited, but they are even cheaper. A scooter storage unit is available for those who need one.

24. LED Strips


Electric Scooter LED Strips - Electric Scooter Accessories

You can be safe when riding at night when you have this accessory on.

Since scooters are generally silent and non-obtrusive at night, you probably don’t notice them. It will make a huge difference in your visibility and your safety to place lights on the underside and sides of your deck.

If you desire any color, or combination of colors, you can pick any color for your height.

25. Wall Mount


Electric Scooter Wall Mount - Electric Scooter Accessories

The accessory doesn’t seem to be of much use to me. What’s the harm in leaving your scooter unattended? I don’t believe it makes sense to put an electronic device above the ground. If you hang, there are chances to fall and break down.

It is important to be aware of your options, even if you have a different viewpoint or a situation in which a wall mount is the best option.

26. Bluetooth Earbuds


Electric Scooter Bluetooth Earbuds - Electric Scooter Accessories

These are very fun, so fun that they can even turn into danger. This is why I am hesitant to recommend them. The chances of being in an accident increase when you are riding with headphones on. Plus, you’re robbing yourself of one of your most valuable senses.

You can still wear your earbuds when you are riding with them in certain situations, such as in bicycle lanes or places without traffic.

Your helmet must be compatible with your earbuds in that case. Consider purchasing earbuds that have been proven to work with your helmet, or that are specifically designed to fit in one.

27. Stickers


Electric Scooter Stickers - Electric Scooter Accessories

It’s not the most practical accessory, but it’s certainly the most entertaining. You won’t be able to get more productive with stickers, but your scooter will look pretty darn cool with them.

First, a bit of advice: Opt for an original design instead of attempting to customize your scooter. You may not have any choice, however, as most scooters only come in a few colors.

This option is especially recommended if you:

  • You don’t like how your scooter looks.
  • A custom look is what you want for your scooter.
  • If you have a scratch or another type of damage, you would like to cover it.

Besides the cool-looking stickers, if you want to improve the safety of your scooter, you can also get reflective stickers. It’s not something I’ve tried.

28. Cup Holder


Electric Scooter Stickers - Electric Scooter Accessories

It is entirely optional, in my opinion. Drinking and riding must be kept separate, according to me. It only takes a small bump to cause a choke, a stain, or burn.

Even so, the world is still free. When you are riding a scooter, you will need a cupholder so that you can drink something.

Final Thoughts

You are sure to enjoy your adventures more if you choose to use these 28 essential electric scooter accessories. It allows you to live your life more easily while others give you the safety that helps you avoid serious injury.

It’s not necessary to order everything at once, but we recommend you take advantage of great deals whenever you can.

Furthermore, keep in mind that a good electric scooter cannot be turned into awesomeness with a bunch of awesome accessories. You may want to check out our best electric scooter guide if you are fed up with whatever you are riding right now. There is sure to be an option that fits your budget and needs.

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