How to Charge Your Electric Scooter Battery? Easy and Simple Steps

In now day’s electric scooters getting popular more than the past 2, 3 years, these are now commonly used in the USA and UK. Electric scooters are used as fun, easy to maintain, and available at cheap prices.

The best feature is it does not depend on any type of fuel, only requires some amount of electricity to full the charging capacity and these are not creating any type of pollution, which is the positive factor of increases the rate of selling.

If you want to drive long and comfortable so you will first look at the charging percentage which is the main notice point before you starting every journey.

So first you will know about how to charge your electric scooter battery? If you don’t know how to charge your electric scooter then follow the following steps which can be helpful for your guideline.

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1. How to Plug-in the Charger

There are some of the brand’s launch models that have built-in batteries, so will plug the charger directly into the scooter. But some of the brands now launching the models with removable batteries, which make the charging process comfortable, you can charge your battery anywhere, and it does not require a big place to occupy for charging.

With other models, the charging plug is placed in the base of the scooter, hook up the charger, and plug it directly into the battery. In new models, the brands equipped an LED indicator light which is very useful to see the battery percentage at any time.

When the battery is low the light turns red which means the battery is very low or totally drained, yellow indicating your scooter needs charge soon, or green once indicating the battery has been fully charged plug out the charger.

2. Capacity of Battery

First, you should know about the capacity of your electric scooter battery that will help you in the replacement of your electric scooter battery. Whenever your battery is running out totally not for more use you can easily replace it if you know about the capacity of the battery.

3. Time for Charging

In charging you should look after the battery timing, that how much time your scooter battery gain during the charging. Some electric scooters charge in 1 to 2 hours but some take a full night to charge up but you don’t worry about that, it only depends on a model to model and brand to brand how much they gain time during the charging.

4. Devices for Charging

The charging device’s styles tend are change model to model and manufacturer. They’re usually available as a two-pronged charger that requires the user to attach a red wire to a positive terminal and an additional black wire to the negative terminal, which should clearly be highlighted on the battery.

In the other types of charging, the method of the device involves a specific encased charger that’s a basic plug-in and easily charges the device.

5. Charge Electric Scooter without Using Charger

Now day’s electric scooter gets so much popularity in public, the battery is the main feature without charging it’s impossible to ride and you are not carrying the charger all the time.

So use a portable car jumper are the most popular and suitable convenient battery for charging the electric scooter. It has a high voltage rate than the original batteries and you can charge the scooter without using a charger by using this technique.

To charge your battery connect your jumper to the battery. Keep one thing in mind that connects the red wire for a positive port and the black wire for a negative port. When you connect both ports make sure there is no leak or break. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for you. Also, make sure that no electronic device is connected with the jumper otherwise, your battery can’t charge.

Then switch on the jumper. After switching electricity from the jumper will go the electric scooter battery and the charging process will become. Remain connection between the jumper and the battery for 20 to 30 minutes the scooter will be in full charge. Don’t try to disconnect the jumper and the battery during the charging otherwise, it may damage your battery.

During the charging, you have to switch off your entire electric plug in your scooters like radio, light, and other parts which can draw the charging power because these things reduce the charging rate of your scooter by wastage of energy. When you see the 100% battery or green light on the LED light indicator disconnect the battery and the jumper and your electric scooter is ready to go.

6. Benefits of Voltmeter

During the charging, you can check the battery status that how much the charging is done, or how much it more require to full using a twelve-volt voltmeter. Yes, we agree with the models launched with LED light indicators, this may be overkill.

Sometimes you charge the scooter for several hours and the LED light has not changed from red to yellow or yellow to green there may be an issue in the charger or in the battery which the LED light indicator not showing us. In cases such as these, you can use a voltmeter to check the battery’s voltage.

7. How to Charge your Electric Scooter?

  • Charging a scooter is not same the as charging the phone battery. With a phone, you mostly charge the battery when it totally drained. On the other hand, the electric scooter experts recommend that charge your scooter at every opportunity you can get. This step will when you have a short-range and you have a long journey.
  • You should make a habit to charge the scooter after every short or long trip; you’ll top up the power level whenever possible.
  • When it’s time to charge the scooter, make sure you plug the charger perfectly into the wall outlet as well as the battery plug. Once the charging is done, plug out the wire from both ends and make sure that the battery is full or not before plug out.
  • Mostly scooter needs the charging after every ride, so the first charge the scooter then starts your next ride.
  • Leaving the battery charged several times or days at a time can lower the battery’s power.
  • Most of the scooter has the battery storage for 3 to 4 months, make sure store it on a fully charged battery and recharge it after one month.
  • Most of the electric scooter battery chargers are designed to recharge the sealed lead-acid batteries. This means that you can charge your battery with any type of charger that’s approved for SLA battery use.
  • But better is that you should use the original charger of your scooter, voltage, and the amperage which came originally with the charger.
  • The standard SLA charger is designed to not charging defective batteries. This is used as safety features like, when you want to charge your scooter SLA not becomes the charger and the batteries warm or protect it from overheating.
  • A healthy scooter battery will bounce above its rated voltage level it is fully discharged. If a battery doesn’t bounce back, then it’s considered not valid for charging.

8. Fast Rate Battery Chargers

Do not use the fast rate battery chargers to charge your electric scooter, people use that type of chargers to save their time and charge the scoter in 2-3 hours rapidly due to the higher Amp rating than the original battery charger. The output rate of this fast rate battery charger is 3 Amp through 6 Amp power range.

But with the fast charging of your scooter, these chargers will significantly lower the longevity of your scooter, also damage your battery power. So, try not to use it.

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