Affiliate Disclosure

Disclosure Compliance Rules by FTC (Federal Trade Commission)

As the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) updated their rules in 2015, the most important step was to inform the users about the sponsor of blogger or publisher.

The reader/viewer should be informed about the links by a blogger earns when the reader buys the product through the affiliate link.

According to FTC, the publisher needs to tell his user about the affiliate links. So I get a small commission on sales from my given links.

What Are Affiliate Links?

The external links that are referred by the publisher to purchase products for the user. User purchases product from our given link that is referred by us called Affiliate Link. It means user purchase the product from the seller’s website (not from ScooterWire).

We receive payment as a commission from Amazon or other companies (referred by us) when you purchase a product from our given link.

One more thing I want to explain, the prices will be the same even you purchase via our given affiliate links or not affiliate links. mostly uses one type of affiliate program:

1. Amazon Affiliate Program

We mostly use amazon affiliate links in our article and/or maybe use other affiliate links.

As is associated with the Amazon Affiliate Program, simply you can say a participant in Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.

Amazon provided an affiliate platform to the publishers to earn the money by referring amazon products.